"Alright, I guess it's time for an announcement: The new French TV cd, entitled "Ambassadors of Good Health and Clean Living" is FINALLY out. New French TV recruits for this outing: KATSUMI YONEDA, brilliant guitarist from the excellent Japanese band TEE [who are also hard at work in the studio on their next cd]. Katsumi has been a marvel to work with--loaded with ideas, and an incredible work ethic--I don't think I've ever had a writing partner so in tune with the stuff I come up with. Katsumi also has brought in two keyboardists who split the tracks: his fellow TEE bandmate RYUJI YONEKURA, and noted Flat122 keyboardist TAKAO KAWASAKI. Their contributions have been INCREDIBLE--I got to experience Christmas on a weekly basis as they mailed their tracks in. Lastly, young and talented drummer MARK PERRY rounds out the ensemble, and has been a delight to work with, available at all hours, and I look forward to more work with him in the future. I don't like making such pronouncements, but I have to say this new cd feels like the one I've been driving towards for the last 20+ years--yes, it's that good [he said modestly]." I'll soon be posting a few clips for your listening pleasure. In the meantime, here are the track listings:

1) We're Putting On Our Bulldog Faces (and hoping something good happens)
2) Friendly Pursuit
3) Rocka-Saggy-Baby-Bubba-Shaggy-Baba-Boo
4) Gee, I Wish We Had One'a Them Doomsday Machines
5) Shemp Vs. Classical Economics
6) Metronome Crisis

Ordering information will be on the ORDERING page, as soon as I get around to it.