See our "ORDERING/DISTRIBUTION" page for discovering how to add this must-have item to your collection! Also, as mentioned below, our music (including this new one) is now available as downloads through CDBaby, ITunes,, E-Music, and a host of others I'm too busy to list. Also coming to a plethora of Russian bit torrent sites as we speak.
ATTENTION MUSICIANS: If you'd like to trade masterpieces, drop me a line and let's work something out.

Download News

Well, the inevitable has happened. We now have 4 of our cds up for mp3 download at CDBABY.COM, and through them, ITunes and, among other sites, will offer them as well. For now, I'm only making the out-of-print cds [#2: "AFTER A LENGTHY SILENCE"; #6: "THE VIOLENCE OF AMATEURS"; and #7: "THE CASE AGAINST ART"] and the nearly-out-of-print [#3: VIRTUE IN FUTILITY" and #5: "LIVE-YOO-HOO!!!"]. I want to see how these do before I offer any others. So start hitting those "save file" buttons, folks!

2010, and STILL no French TV #10! Come ON, youse guys!

Well, we're getting close. As a matter of fact, you can hear 98% finished mixes for all six tunes on our MySpace page []. The working title for the next cd is "I FORGIVE YOU FOR ALL MY UNHAPPINESS", and features the likes of Steve Katsikas [of Little Atlas fame], and my Distinguished Panel of Experts buddy Shawn Persinger on guitar, along with old pals Paolo Botta [of YUGEN], Ut Gret mastermind Joee Conroy, and former French TV mainstays Warren Dale and Chris Smith. And congratulations to talented young feller Jeff Gard for tying the record for most consecutive FTV cd drumming appearances with THREE--will he attempt a fourth? Stay tuned...

No graphics for the next cd yet, and I'm having trouble mustering the energy to deal with this. Any of you graphic artists out there who work reasonably cheap and would like to try your hand at this, drop me an e-mail.

Our ProgDay show from 2009 is now up on YouTube: The sound was professionally recorded by Orion Studio main-man Mike Potter, and sound fantastic enough to release, so I guess we will at some point.